I am sitting in the place where my soul breaths the deepest – the woods.

me and chloe
“90% of our happiness is predective of how our brain processes our external world.”    Not sure where that quote came from but I do know that in my inner battles I experience the most victories when I stop and observe my thinking and ponder it. I have changed some thought patterns (Yay) which encourage me to keep on with this practice.


Where is your quiet place?  We are not long term victims my friends – we can win our battles and move on with our destinies!  Take charge of your life!


4 thoughts on “Perception 

  1. My quiet place is within while doing yoga. Your quiet place has always been there no matter where you are and will always be available to you. You just have to find it and then listen to it. 🙂


    • Thank you for your comment, Katie. I find that while I am doing the yoga poses, it takes my mind effort, but then I sit quietly on my mat and feel the breeze and breath – then yes, the quiet place comes.


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