Ultrasound Project Las Salinas 6-28-130840-IMG_0135Giving Birth Kits way up in the mountains of NicaraguaI am writing this today to apologize.  Brene Brown says in her book ‘Daring Greatly’:  “Lord, give me the courage to show up and let myself be seen.”.   Yes, I have shown up, I am here.  But I have still been hiding a part of me and actually, I think it is pretty much the best part.  So, today, I am telling the whole truth.  I began this blog for me and for you, but also for the hurting, struggling people I have met and come to know and love.  I run a very small non-profit organization and it is what drives me in my life.  I live a bit on the edge for the sake of my work and I love it with a passion.  Do you ever have those stupid ‘what ifs’ run through your mind?  What if people get turned off by my blog because I talk about my projects?  (like what? Cheri???),  what if people….  whatever, my mind is so stupid sometime.So here I am with all my stuff hanging out – I hope you continue to follow my blog and to be really honest, I hope that some of you decide to get involved.   Wow, I said it.

The photos are of past experiences I have had with my mission – Missions of Grace.  And please know that I do have a very strong spiritual existence, but I respect and never push it on anyone.

Much more to come.  Exciting stories and introductions to some awesome ‘unsung heroes’.  Got to run.  Have a great day!




Doesn’t it feel great to create a goal, plan it out and then ACCOMPLISH IT?  Yup, it feels so good.  I made it to Nicaragua (with lots of help from my friends as always), driving 1800 miles and then flying from Ft. Lauderdale!!!  (How strange that it was easier to do that alone than to write a blog post – sheesh, Cheri). I landed at 2am on March 13th in Managua, the capital of Nicaragua.  My plane was full of surfers and young adventure travelers – listening to their tales was great entertainment.  After I went through customs and baggage claim, I sighed a great sigh of relief.  I did not want to take a cab that late and there was Yettie Osorio – a close family friend, waiting to give me a ride to her home.  Connections!  My theme for this season of my life rocks.

Missions of Grace

Yettie introducing me to Dia de Sopa de Queso

Yettie insisted that I use her bedroom.  That is so very Nica – their hospitality is consistently incredible. The next day was Friday and Yettie offered to take me to lunch.  Here in Nicaragua the people try not to eat meat on Fridays during Lent.  Their Sopa de Queso (Cheese Soup) is popular for these Friday meals, so my adventure of the day was to try this dish at a traditional restaurant called ‘Dona Haydee’s.” It really was delicious!


My son-in-law, Javier Baldovinos (known as Baldo) picked me up and off we went to San Juan del Sur, where he and my daughter Sarah run a guest house called Casa Ariki,  In upcoming posts, I will proudly introduce you to this fantastic Pacific coastal town, where the choices for fun are many.

Here is a taste of San Juan del Sur just for you:

On my way to the local market to buy fresh fruit and veggies

Check out the ‘typical’ San Juan sunset












I packed my Wagon on February 3 and handed the keys to my apartment to a friend who will be staying there while I am gone.  (Note, I was much more organized by the time I left San Antonio – I can see out my back window).

Where am I going?  I am writing this from a hotel near Lafayette, La., on my way to Florida and then flying to Nicaragua, staying for a month, returning to my Wagon and then, who knows – not me.

Why?  I was at a crossroads in my life, I knew I needed to begin to write and felt very stuck.  I was not connecting with enough people and I wanted a change, a challenge and felt compelled to empower myself to radically reach out to life.  I want Missions of Grace to flourish but also, I want ME to flourish, to become unshackled, to become all that I can be, and that will flow to MOG, I just know it.

Someone told me the other day that I was a good Story-Getter.  I love people, I love to draw them out and get them to share their story and pass it on to you.  From Louisiana Crawdad eaters, to Florida seniors, to Nicaraguan vendors in the streets and remote villagers – I want to connect with them and share with you. I even bought a new camera so I can take videos and photos.

Please understand that I am new to this blogging and a bit rough around the edges.  Be patient with me and help me learn and improve.  I welcome your comments – I consider you part of my community!